Macro photography reveals to us a world full of
wonders & beauty.

It allows us to get closer and more intimate with the world and it’s creatures as well as
re-explore it.

It’s an unspoken invitation to view Life from a
new & exciting perspective.

Macro Photography Re-Explore the World

Marco World #1 'Insects'

A good example are insects, which are easily overlooked and forgotten or put aside as

But insects play a huge role in our ecosystems, meaning they’re
very important!

Understanding & protecting them must be a part of 
our conservation efforts.

Today people only have time to care for what they know of or have learned to love.

Through photography education has becomes easier and
more interesting!

Which means a lot, as we need really to reach
people’s hearts!

Of course it also makes the rest of the world
shine more!

How can we not help but realize:
Just how brilliant nature really is!

Marco World #2 'Flora'

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Not a true macro world in the sense of macro photography.
But some rules are there to be broken.

Because the world of patterns and details
we love in macro.

Can also be found in landscapes and their
intriguing shapes.